So Many Practical Uses for GaiterWraps


GaiterWraps were designed by a Colorado builder who, like you, was tired of stopping to remove dirt and rocks out of his shoes.

Annoying? Absolutely!
Finally a revolutionary way to keep junk like sand, dirt, rocks, sawdust and snow out of your shoes… with multiple uses that only take your imagination!
Get Hooked on Gaiter Wraps™!
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gardening2GaiterWraps Regulars are an innovative, new, one of a kind, gaiter developed to keep shoes and boots free of dirt, snow, sand, and junk even when wearing shorts! Made of tough fabric sided neoprene that will give you comfort, performance and longevity. Imagine working or playing all day without getting as much as one pebble or other stuff in your shoes.

You will never have to stop to remove and empty your shoes again! Motorcyclists and Bicyclists will love how GaiterWraps keep wind from entering pants and sleeves and wind flap down. Long pants or shorts, summer or winter.  


GaiterWraps Regulars are the year around solution to the age old problem of junk in your shoes!

Both GaiterWraps™ Regulars and XLs can be trimmed to customize size

snowmobileGaiterWraps XLs are similar to Regs, except that they are approximately 5” longer, resulting in a number of different applications. Finally something better than duct tape for Motocross and Enduro riders! Gaiter Wraps XLs when wrapped at the boot and pant line, will keep rocks and water out and improve comfort. Snow Boarders and Skiers, wrap them around the top of your ski boots and pant line to keep powder from sneaking up and into your boots! Hiking or working out in the snow? Wrap XLs around the top of your snow boots and even if you fall into deep snow, you will keep your feet dry! GaiterWraps XLs are also a great light weight versatile strapping tool that can be used in motocross, enduro and bicycling. They can be trimmed to fit by cutting the non-hook strip side, allowing their use for almost any strapping application, boot size, or leg size. The uses for GaiterWraps XLs are truly amazing and limited only by your imagination!




Construction Workers: GaiterWraps™ keep your work boots and high top tennis shoes free of sawdust, dirt, rocks, and sand while you’re on-site.


weedeaterLandscapers/Gardeners: Landscaping and maintenance is a  breeze when you can concentrate on your work, instead of the dirt and junk in your shoes.

Hikers, Hunters, and Climbers:
Frustrated with having to stop on the trail to empty your boots? GaiterWraps™ make your sport more enjoyable, every time.hike_hill


Motorcyclists and Bicyclists: Keep wind out and wind flap down while riding by applying GaiterWraps™ around ankles and wrists.

snow_on_bootSnow Enthusiasts:
Powder’s great, as long as it stays out of your boots. Use GaiterWraps™ XLs to help stay dry during work or play.  


motocross2Off Road Motocross and Enduro Riders: Use GaiterWraps™ XLs around your boot tops to keep water, dirt and rocks out. They are also great for strapping!