GaiterWraps FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why were GaiterWraps Invented?

GaiterWraps were designed by a Colorado Builder who was tired of stopping to remove junk from his boots. For a number of weeks he duct tape the top of his work boots to his socks when wearing shorts. Then he decided to fabricate his first gaiter. He wore his revolutionary gaiters for over 6 years! He was so impressed with the longevity, amazing performance, and fantastic applications of this product, he just had to share his great discover with others….Birthing GaiterWraps!

  1. What are GaiterWraps Reg. and what are their uses?

GaiterWraps Regulars are a light weight, long lasting gaiter that conforms to your shoe and ankle when wrapped around ½ of your shoe and ½ of your ankle. GaiterWraps  Reg. will keep rocks, dirt, mud, sawdust, water, weeds, grass, snow, wind or other debris out of your shoes.  When riding motorcycles and bikes, they are great for keeping wind flap down and legs protected from the heat of motors and chains. GaiterWraps also

Make a great strapping device on bikes.

  1. Who would benefit when wearing GaiterWraps Reg.?

Construction Workers (summer and winter), Landscapers and Landscape Maintenance, Gardeners, Hikers, Hunters, Climbers, Runners, Motorcyclists, Bicyclist.

  1. What is GaiterWraps XLs and what are their uses?

GaiterWraps Extra Longs (XLs) are also great light weight, long lasting gaiters that wrap around the top of high boots and lower part of your paint legs. XLs are 5” longer than Regulars, allowing them to be used with high boots to keep snow, water, rocks, mud and other debris out of those boots! XLs are also great for strapping ice packs on after that hard day on the slopes or on the motocross trail!

  1. Who would wear XLs?

Individuals who must shovel snow or work out in the snow, snow enthusiasts to include snow boarders, skiers, cross country skiers, while snow shoeing, and Motocross and Enduro Riders. The XLs also make a great strapping device! Strap on an ice pack, strap gear on your snow mobile, and crazy things like wrapping one around your small dog as a warmer! The uses are endless…

  1. What kind of weather can they be worn in?

The great thing about GaiterWraps is that they are fantastic with shorts and long pants, winter or summer. No matter what season you find yourself in, there is a fantastic use for GaiterWraps….

  1. Are they waterproof?

Not only are GaiterWraps made from a high quality of neoprene, making them waterproof, but they have a soft fabric backing, making them comfortable.

  1. How do you put them on?

They are very easy and quick to put on with instruction in each package, plus a great video on our website.

  1. Are straps required to keep GaiterWraps on?

No straps are required when using GaiterWraps XLs or GaiterWraps Reg on midtop boots or high top tennis shoes (boots or shoes higher than 6”). If you would like to wear

low top hiking or running shoes, then apply the GaiterStraps, which come in each

package of GaiterWrap Regulars. They are made of durable, long lasting material and

are simple to apply. Gaiter Straps are not necessary when using XLs.

  1. When wearing GaiterWraps…how do they feel?

Because of the great fabrics, they are very comfortable and after a few times wearing

them, GaiterWraps actually start to mold to your shoes and ankles, making for a perfect

fit. There is also a compression quality that makes you feel like, “You are ready for


  1. What if my children want a pair, or they are a little too long for my wife?

Both Reg. and Xls can be easily trimmed to fit for length. Instructions are included in

each pair.

  1. Do they move around or slide up or down?

The neoprene fabric and their unique application keep the gaiters right where they need to be!

13. How do you wash them?

Because of the fabric, these gaiters are very low maintenance. They don’t absorb odor or

dirt. When dirt dries on the gaiter, just brushes them off! They stay clean looking and

new after many uses. If burrs or stickers have been picked up just rub the gaiters back

and forth over something like a 2 X 4 to knock them off. When it does come time to

freshen up your GaiterWraps, simply hand wash the gaiters and lay flat to dry.

  1. What makes GaiterWraps different from other gaiters?

Most gators are only worn with long pants and usually in the winter. GaiterWraps have

many uses with shorts or long pants. Also, GaiterWraps unlike many other gators, are

waterproof. You can actually wade across shallow water with little or no water getting

in your boots if your boots are waterproof.

  1. How are GaiterWraps like duct tape or a 5 gallon bucket?

Because they have a multiplicity of uses, many of which will be thought of by our customers! Strap on the heat when you end up with tennis elbow, attach things to your bike, wrap around something you want to have compression on… The uses are only limited by your imagination!

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