Hiking Gaiters? Meet GaiterWraps.

Hiking Gaitors

James Krehbiel – Inventor puts GaiterWraps to the Test

Hiking gaiters are a must if you are off the trail. 

Hello, I’m James Krehbiel, the inventor of GaiterWraps.  Living in Colorado and working outdoors as I do, I needed something to keep dirt, sand, water, and most anything else out of my boots.  Hiking in the rockies means facing gravel slopes on Pikes Peak as well as miles of pure sand at the Great Sand Dunes. GaiterWraps have been tested in the toughest conditions.

I invite you to check out our first VIDEO case study about how well GaiterWraps actually work.  We took a team up to the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado to see how well GaiterWraps would work in the harsh conditions of mountains of sand, wind, water, and bugs….lots of bugs.  We put together a video to tell the story of GaiterWraps vs. Great Sand Dunes National Park.  It’s a classic case of man vs. nature that anyone who’s ever been in the great outdoors will relate too…hope you enjoy…