How to Put on GaiterWraps

Easy Instructions: (GaiterWraps™ Regs)how_to_put_on_gaiterwraps

1. Pull sock high up on the calf.

2. Lay both Gaiters on a flat surface(table) with the neoprene(rubber) side up and the angled corners pointing towards you. The Gai ter which has the hook strip on your right hand side is the Gaiter which will go on your left shoe. The Gaiter which has the hook strip on your left side will go on your right shoe.

3. Place the neoprene side of the Gaiter Wraps™ against the shoe with the 45 degree angles pointing toward the ground and the rear of the shoe.

4. There should be about 1/2 of the Gaiter down over the laces and 1/2 of the Gaiter extending above the top of your shoe.

5. Wrap the Gaiter around the top of your shoe or boot and your ankle snugly by pull ing on it as you wrap it twice around the top of your shoe and ankle. Finish with the hook strip on the outside or front of each ankle.

6. Press the hook strip into the fabric.

7. Roll the top of the sock down over the top of the Gaiter.

Watch Video for Additional Instructions >>

Easy Instructions: (GaiterWraps™ XLs)

Place XL around leg with 1/2 of the gaiter on pants and 1/2 on top of boot with the neoprene side facing in against the pants and boots. Wrap the gaiter snuggly around the pants/top of boot and fasten the hook-strip into the fabric side.

Note — For women and children: GaiterWraps can be shortened by trimming the end opposite the hook strip if they are thought to be too long for your application.

Snow Enthusiasts: Powder’s great, as long as it stays out of your boots. Use GaiterWraps™ XLs to help stay dry during work or play.

Off Road Motocross and Enduro Riders: Use GaiterWraps™ XLs around your boot tops to keep water, dirt and rocks out. They are also great for strapping!