GaiterWraps Testimonials


Greg & Mike Lusk Elk Hunting in Michigan.

Received my GaiterWraps thanks to some special handling by Tammy just prior to leaving for elk hunting in the Flattops in northwest Colorado for the first rifle season that started on October 12, 2013.  When we were being packed into our drop camp on horseback the rain turned to snow and the temperature dropped; during the seven days we were there it snowed every day.  GaiterWraps were a mainstay of our gear and were worn from before sunup until well after sundown.  They never let us down and kept our feet dry when plowing through up to 2′ of snow at over 10,000′.  We can’t say enough good things about GaiterWraps and will be telling fellow hunters and outdoors enthusiasts that we know about how good they are.  Living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan winter comes early and it usually stays late so if you want to go hunting, ice fishing, snowshoeing or do other winter activities you should be using GaiterWraps to keep the snow out of your boots.  We can’t say enough good things about them.

Greg & Mike Lusk

SUMMER HIKING IN BC“Keep GaiterWraps in my backpack when doing summer hiking in BC Canada. If I hit some snow I can Keep my socks dry,they are light and easy to carry.”Mel  susan_webb_snow_pix
Washington, DC’s record-breaking blizzard of 2010
caught me with a puppy to walk and no snowboots!!
Lucky for me…and for “Chance” … I had my trusty GaiterWraps pictured here covered with frozen snow, but snuggly wrapped about my low-top ducks.
Thankfully, my socks and pants stayed perfectly dry. GaiterWraps ROCK!! Now, I hope the clever folks who invented GaiterWraps are working on a set for Chance’s frozen paws.
Don Kelly, Patent Agent
“We absolutely cannot do without our GaiterWraps.
Easy to put on and remove, they are ideally suited to hiking and hunting in the Adirondack Mountains. Deep snow, mud and rain are common obstacles and the GaiterWraps make it all irrelevant.”
Roger D. Glens Falls, NY

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SKI LOG from Tom Beaver – Skier and Ski coach MN12/9/09 — 2″ new snow / 40 min. ski training up hills (“ski bounding”) with ski poles / used 4″ hiking shoe (boot too clumsy) / the exercise simulates skiing: bound from power leg, extend, and drag recover foot back, thus creating a snow spray. After 2 miles, had snow up back of pants, but gaiter wraps kept my shoes and socks dry. A bonus was my ankle tendons stayed toasty warm in the 4 degree temperature.12/11/09 — 2 miles “ski bounding” with New Balance running shoes. The ankle gaiter on left foot worked off my heel in 1/4 mile (too loose); the right one stayed down all the way. I also bloused the left pants leg which stayed in gaiter. Running shoes are preferred for this exercise (low joint stress and more support), but I had never used them in snow before, knowing my feet would get wet. With the GaiterWraps, so far no problem.12/14/09 — Used calf gaiters while raking 22″ of snow of my roof. The gaiters were impenetrable.12/22/09 — Tried ankle gaiters (Regs) on low tops without hold downs (GaiterStraps). They slid up so used the GaiterStraps. The GaiterStraps showed no abrasion from the workout. I keep the straps on the arch of the sole of my shoe.