easy way to waterproof your shoes


Changing weather and inescapable conditions at work have created the need for smart shoes, footwear to withstand rain and snow. Waterproof shoes with innovative technology have been designed to meet lifestyle demands.


If you have an active routine, you are probably aware of the many motives to opt for waterproof shoes. Nobody wants water getting into their brand new shoes; what’s more nobody wants sweaty and smelly feet. Moisture in your footwear is an invitation to fungal infections.


Besides, if your feet remain wet for a long time, you are likely to catch a cold. Why spend another minute avoiding a puddle when you can enjoy a walk in the rain? Moisture management footwear, as they are referred to, is manufactured by the biggest brands like Chippewa, Red Wing and Thorogood, to name a few.


These aren’t your regular rain boots; they are customized, technically sound, purpose-oriented shoes like steel toe shoes, uniform boots, and athletic footwear. Many people are exposed to chemicals at work and some waterproof shoes can keep these liquids from seeping in to them. Such shoes also protect against electrical hazards caused by wetness.


Waterproof shoes incorporate technologies like Dri-Lex and Gore-Tex, ensuring that water doesn’t get into the shoe but sweat escapes from it. Gore-Tex is a membrane stitched into the Upper of a shoe.

Its pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet but 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. This facilitates breathability.


While Gore-Tex enhanced shoes are breathable they also have a windproof feature to maintain temperatures inside the shoe. The Gore-Tex membrane is laminated with high-performance fabrics. These materials are chosen as per the requirement of the footwear. They may have characteristics like abrasion resistance and they may be lightweight or thick.


An oleophobic, or oil-hating, substance is integrated into the membrane, preventing the penetration of body oils and chemicals that could affect it. Dri-Lex on the other hand is a lining inside the shoe, situated above the shoe foam. The face in contact with the foot consists of a 3D fabric structure.


It employs a diffusion mechanism to wick away moisture from the feet. Specially designed synthetic yarns strongly attract water and pull it toward the shoe foam, leaving the surface against the foot dry and snug.


When you purchase waterproof shoes, look for shoes made with full grain leather, rubber or nylon. These shoes generally have enhanced interiors and outsoles. While some might provide greater cushioning on the inside, others provide greater traction on the outside. They are sturdy and promise longevity. A word of caution, make sure they fit snugly.


Waterproof shoes are available in smart and fashionable designs, from edgy looks to classic makes. You can study their features and purchase them online conveniently. They are also likely to be reasonably priced when ordered over the web.