How to Waterproof Your Boots Instead of Using Gaiters

If you don’t want to buy gaiters and get the best waterproof protection for your boots, you can always go the way of applying waterproofing material to your boots.  Here are some ways to do that.

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Having the right kind of waterproof winter boots can make a big difference for your health. Let’s learn some important aspects to keep in mind next time you look for a new pair.

If you have ever walked in the snow with a pair of regular tennis shoes, you know how important it is to wear waterproof winter boots, which besides keeping your feet dry and warm, also have specialized sole designs that allow for increased control under slippery conditions. This could prevent accidents that may cause long term injuries. Allow your children to participate in the selection process to make sure they are happy and comfortable with their new boots. If a kid does not like a pair of shoes (or winter boots) they will find imaginative ways to hide them or make them disappear, guaranteed.

It is amazing how quickly little details can spoil a great day in minutes. If you have ever realized you forgot your door keys inside the house just after the door slams shut? Well, getting your socks wet after only spending 30 minutes up in a mountain can feel a lot like that. This is specially problematic with toddlers who are not able to communicate clearly; wet feet can cause a sudden drop in body temperature which may lead to health complications. Waterproof winter boots are a good way to prevent blisters and burns caused by extreme temperatures.

Only buy waterproof winter boots that area a good fit for your children’s feet so that they do not cause foot injuries. These boots are usually not cheap, but they will last for a long time, so make sure they fit accordingly. It is also important to allow for the use of thick socks, make sure your child is using a sock of similar thickness to the ones they would usually wear under cold conditions.

This way, you will make sure the boots fit correctly even if they are worn with thicker wool thermal socks. This is not checked by many buyers who often have injured toenails due to not having enough space for their fingers.

In conclusion, let your kids help along the purchasing process of waterproof winter boots so they make sure they are comfortable with the new acquisition. That is a good way to have their help towards a warm and healthy winter.